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Our Subconscious Mind

What's so special about our subconscious mind?   

Everything.  First of all your body functions 95% on your subconscious mind, while only 5% of your conscious mind.

Where did it come from? 

The subconscious mind forms during the last trimester of your mother's pregnancy and continues to develop for another six to seven years.  During that time, the subconscious, without judgment, acts like a sponge - absorbing and observing everything. The subconscious mind is your store house of everything that has ever happened in your life. It is your history book. It records information, details and makes associations so the conscious mind can access these at a later time. 


Times have changed and so has our world.  Do these lessons still serve us or are they outdated when we are faced with new circumstances?  Is it used to assist you or to hinder you?  The subconscious mind is very adaptable and easy to change.  It just needs the right method in which to replace the self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.  ........  and that method is PSYCH-K®.

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