Sample Belief Statements

Negative Belief


My body aches all over.

I'm constantly worried about not having enough money.

Abundance & Prosperity

Positive Belief

I have a healthy, fit and limber body.

I am financially self-sufficient and have more than enough money.


I seem to attract the same negative minded people into my life.

I attract healthy and happy people into my life.


I hate myself.  I can't do anything right.

I love and accept myself.

Grief & Loss

I miss my spouse/friend so much, I just can't go on.

I honor my spouse by moving forward and living a fulfilled life.

Personal Power

I always have to ask my friends for advice on what

I should do.

I am responsible for myself.


I am so confused.  I just don't know what to do anymore.

I listen to my Inner Voice and I confidently act upon what I hear.

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