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Ready to be the BEST version of yourself?



          NOW is the perfect time to be

               the beautiful UNIQUE you

                   that God has created.

Life is
10% what happens to us and
90% of how we react to it.

-Charles Swindoll

What's holding you back in living YOUR life to the fullest?   

Allow me to assist you in changing that.

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Areas where changes of belief statements have the greatest impact:







  Abundance & Prosperity


Personal Power







When you invest in yourself, you are also creating change around you

and in the people around you.

Where do you see yourself now?






Looking at the picture of the various stages of the flower growths, at what level are you living your life right now?  A 2?  maybe even a 3?   Would you like to live your life to the fullest - like #5?.

So why aren't you able to reach the next step?

Ahh!  Your subconscious is in the way, sabotaging your very serious efforts.  How can you change that?

How do you begin?

1.  Call for a session 210-710-4793 and during our conversation, you will give me an idea

    as to what changes you wish you make in your belief system (situations, etc.).  You

    will send me approximately  6 - 10 belief statements.

2.  In preparation of your session, you will drink several glasses of water and be prepared

     to dedicate about 60 minutes of uninterrupted time for yourself.  Most of my clients

     prefer to use  Zoom, Facebook, telephone, Messenger. 

3.   At the end of the session, we will develop an action list to cement and

      accomplish your new beliefs.  

210-710-4793 (Leave a message please)

Keep Your Beliefs Positive


Your    BELIEFS         Become   Your    THOUGHTS

Your    THOUGHTS    Become   Your    WORDS

Your    WORDS          Become   Your    ACTIONS

Your    ACTIONS        Become   Your    HABITS


Your    HABITS           Become   Your    VALUES

Your    VALUES          Become   Your    DESTINY


Mahatma Gandhi

PSYCH-K® Disclaimer

PSYCH-K® is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs and their relationship to wellbeing.


PSYCH-K® is a helpful resource and may offer benefits for many physiological, psychological, and spiritual concerns. It is NOT a substitute for medical diagnosis, drug therapy, surgery, radiation, or other conventional medical interventions or mental health assistance. Proper medical exams and diagnostic evaluations by your physician or other mental health professionals are an important aspect for wellbeing. 




San Antonio, Texas, USA

Christa M. Emrick has been known for her unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction for over thirty years.

From the corporate world to today's Energy modalities,

this standard of excellence has provided the impetus for

her to grow into the business she operates today.


She believes that the customer always comes first -

and that means she delivers exceptional services.

Contact her today to learn more about what she has

to offer.

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San Antonio, Texas, USA

 (Central Standard Time  Zone)

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